Argus C-Series Part III – Identification

There is a feature where you can pose a question that is e-mailed to all members of the group. Our supply is now permanently depleted and we are substituting the Part No. The memo lists the new shutter design as being incorporated into ‘further regular production’. The endpoint is per published information. Empirical data suggest nnnnnn is between roughly and. The C was replaced within just a few months by the C2, with a geared coupling between the rangefinder and the lens, greatly accelerating focusing and making the camera much more convenient to use.

When was my Argus camera made?

The idea to write about an old camera was just something I thought up on a whim and put together that review with my thoughts, and some sample pics I got from that camera. Never in a million years, would I have imagined that nearly five years later, my site would have grown into what it was. I hope you enjoy it. As I began writing this article, I began to hit milestones I had never hit with any previous camera review. My typical review is between four to six thousand words with the largest topping out at eight thousand words.

3. When was my Argus camera made? The Argus Camera Reference Photographs page contains date.

You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Beautiful used Argus c3, in working condition, dating back to circa , according to the serial number. For the rest, the metal parts are well preserved and shiny the Argus stood out for this.

Despite its age it is fully functioning and the rangefinder is well calibrated with the focusing. Certainly this is a vintage camera, but among the types of vintage cameras, there is nothing that can resemble an Argus C3. The contrasting textures and colours of the body complement each other well, with the rippled black imitation leather that beautifully enhances the highly polished, strongly American, chrome plating.

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The American made Argus C-3 may be the most prolific rangefinder, with over 3 million cameras produced! Finished Restoring my Matchmatic C3. I got this Matchmatic C3 from a garage sale, and the body was in fair condition, but the optics, rangefinder, and viewfinder were all very dirty. Like most old C3s, everything was stiff, but functional. So I used several of the many good tutorials online and tore the camera apart and did a full CLA.

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But then you can go into manual exposure mode. Coupled range finder. Argus Autronic: Electric eye finds the right aperture, 50mm f Kodak Motormatic 35 – spring operated drive – two windings to transport 20 pictures. Note: in ’61 all cameras mention which Series filter they take, either directly or via adapter, and if the adapter is needed it is listed right with the camera.

This goes for the cameras on the prior pages as well. There is a lot of good in the Series accessory system. I’m surprised to learn that a weird pentagonal obelisk in front of Lurie Terrace is in fact a time capsule. There is actually a second one nearby, from But the bronze plaque snow removed here is the same. Most amusing to me is that apparently one bit of swag included in the time capsule was one of the very odd and clunky Argus Autronic cameras.

The company was in real trouble at that point, and only had a small remnant left in Ann Arbor surviving on defense contracts for specialized optics. This is the case for an Argus Autronic 35, it’s all I have left. I purchased the original camera that was inside it back in the late’s before October , I can now say for certain , at a garage sale.

Help dating my new Argus C3?

Home The Hillsboro argus. September 23, Image 3. Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers page. It is also available as plain text as well as XML. OrogM ,!

Subject: Revised serial number table Date: Sun, Dealer Camera Identification Guide’ dating (I’m guessing) from around

Camera Stuff I love all cameras and still like to ” Burn” film. Rangefinder cameras are so simple and a pure joy to use. Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red Filter, still beat my monochrome conversions from my digital cameras. Yes light leaks , sticky shutters are all paret of old camera problems, but to show up at a car show with an Argus C3 still turns heads Argus C3 Matic.

A Must Have Canon F2. Nikkor F1. Pro 35mm Film Is Slipping Away!! Enter an optional name and contact email address. Name Name Email help private comment. Jean-Luc Elias Apr Great collection!

Dating and identifying cameras

Don’t forget to update your personal camera inventory , Google [Bot]. Find a camera by name:. Votes: 17 Suggest the rarity Add this camera to your inventory Add this camera to your wishlist. Known as “brick”. Several variations of wind knob, accessory clip and name plates. During the years it was manufactured, it was the best selling 35mm camera, around 2 million cameras were sold.

Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red.

Find out how the camera has evolved. Believe it or not, the very first camera can be traced back to , although it took until before someone figured out a way to preserve the image. The earliest surviving photograph dates from and required an exposure time of over eight hours. It was then another 70 years before George Eastman learned to make photographic film, and it took until the turn of the century before the Brownie arrived. The Brownie changed everything, finally bringing photography to the masses.

Photography enthusiast Peter Altman owns some of the oldest models in existence — here, he takes a look at a few of his favourites The exposed plate was left to fall down into the box, hence the name. This was one of many box Brownies made by Eastman Kodak from onwards. It consisted of a cardboard box with a basic lens, with no control over the exposure settings.

Argus Autronic C3

Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by chromatic-aberration , Dec 3, Help dating my new Argus C3? Just got my first brick. Seems to be in good shape, with an accurate rangefinder and a nice bright viewfinder.

viewfinder. Here are the details of the camera, which I’m assuming from the survey on the Argus Collectors group are relevant to the dating of it.

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