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Answering the call for a new ecological democracy, representational and performative initiatives by Oceanian writers and spoken-word artists, dancers, choreographers, and filmmakers render the conditions of life in the contemporary Pacific visible globally and counter the threat of disappearance posed by both global warming and a global economy. But to isolate the predicament of small island nations threatened by global warming would be misleading. In order to properly engage the challenge posed to island societies by climate change, we must see it in connection, and in continuity, with earlier acts of violence committed on them by colonial powers in the name of universal peace and prosperity. After expanding on this context of acts of ecological violence and looking at future ecological prospects, I will discuss two examples of grassroots movements of ecological democracy that have successfully engaged global powers, highlighting the role that performance arts and literary creativity, especially poetry, played in their effective amplification. The second example stems from Fiji and shows ecological democracy unfolding in the form of an expanding movement of creative and performative actions responding to the impact of global warming on Pacific Island societies and environments, identified as a lasting effect of colonial violence. The relatively slower violence of such excessive mining from to in turn found an escalation in the instantaneous, prolonged, and longer lasting devastation of island worlds by the atomic bomb tests that the US, UK, and France carried out in multiple sites across Oceania: detonations from to , of which were atmospheric explosions with a combined yield of

‘Game-changing’ study suggests first Polynesians voyaged all the way from East Asia

Wake Island, a U. Territory under administrative control of the Department of the Air Force, is less than 3 square miles — half the size of Key West, Florida — and is a strategic refueling stop for military aircraft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean located roughly 2, miles west of Honolulu and 1, miles east of Guam. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Francisco J. Diaz Jr.

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By Bruce Bower. July 8, at am. More than years ago, Indigenous people in South America traversed more than 7, kilometers of open sea to reach eastern Polynesia, a new study suggests. There, the South Americans mated with Polynesian inhabitants during the initial period of discovery and settlement of those remote islands, researchers say.

Genetic analyses show that initial DNA swaps between the voyagers and people on a still-undetermined eastern Polynesian island were followed by the spread of the South American ancestry to other eastern Polynesian islands. Ideas about how remote Polynesia came to be populated have long inspired scientific debate. But most scholars at that time assumed Asians had voyaged east as early as around 3, years ago to relatively close-by western Polynesia, eventually populating eastern Polynesia by around 1, years ago without having any contacts with people from South America.

This Volcano Destroyed an Island, Then Created a New One

To support our nonprofit science journalism, please make a tax-deductible gift today. It was only years ago that humans first set foot on Fiji and other isolated islands of the Pacific, having sailed across thousands of kilometers of ocean. Yet the identity of these intrepid seafarers has been lost to time. They left a trail of distinctive red pottery but few other clues, and scientists have confronted two different scenarios: The explorers were either farmers who sailed directly from mainland East Asia to the remote islands, or people who mixed with hunter-gatherers they met along the way in Melanesia, including Papua New Guinea.

Now, the first genome-wide study of ancient DNA from prehistoric Polynesians has boosted the first idea: that these ancient mariners were East Asians who swept out into the Pacific.

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Pacific. Overall Program. Funding. $9,, Pacific Islands’ Funding Table. American. Samoa atoll); Laura (the western side of Majuro); Ebeye Island and the connected domestic violence, or dating violence, and their dependents; and provide.

Pacific Island Air has got Fiji covered, with unique packages that will assure you of a spectacular experience you won’t soon forget. If ever there was a landscape ideally suited to air travel, then the island paradise of Fiji must be it. Hidden tropical sanctuaries. Miles of pristine coastline and crystal clear water. Spectacular inland rainforests and mountain peaks. Suva is the Capital of Fiji and the most populated place with up to 87, people.

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For our 32nd annual survey—yes, more than three decades—a record , registered voters weighed in. This year, we’ve broken them out by region: the best in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Caribbean and the Atlantic, Europe, North America, and best in the rest of the world phew. Don’t worry—there’s a separate list for the U.

eSafety acknowledges the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our.

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The U. We also thank President Trump for securing this critical funding from Congress to support the insular areas. Retrofitting is necessary to improve patient intake, flow, and isolation, while protecting the safety and well-being of both patients and healthcare workers.

7 Governance Reform in the Public Sector in Pacific Island Countries: characteristics of public goods or services or to change the culture of a society. coalition within PNG has direct and indirect connections with the international NGO suggests that “old rivalries and loyalties” dating back to the 19th century or longer.

Hints of an unidentified, extinct human species have been found in the DNA of modern Melanesians – those living in a region of the South Pacific, northeast of Australia. This contact left a mark on our species that can still be found today, with Europeans and Asians carrying distinct genetic variants of Neanderthal DNA in their own genomes. And a separate study published earlier this month found evidence that modern genital warts – otherwise known as the human papillomavirus HPV – were sexually transmitted to Homo sapiens after our ancestors slept with Neanderthals and Denisovans once they left Africa.

While our relationship with Neanderthals has been widely researched, how we interacted with the Denisovans – the distant cousins of Neanderthals – is less clear. The problem is that Neanderthals are well represented in the fossil record, with many remains having been uncovered across Europe and Asia, but all we have of the Denisovans is a lone finger bone and a couple of teeth that were found in a Siberian cave in Using a new computer model to figure out the amount of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA carried by modern humans, Bohlender and his colleague found that Europeans and Chinese people carry a similar amount of Neanderthal DNA: about 2.

That result is pretty similar to previous studies have estimated that Europeans and Asians carry, on average, between 1. As Hesman Saey explains for Science News:. But 2. While investigating the Denisovan discrepancy, Bohlender and colleagues came to the conclusion that a third group of hominids may have bred with the ancestors of Melanesians.

As we reported last month, this was the most comprehensive genetic study of Indigenous Australians to date, and it indicated that they are the oldest continuous civilisation on Earth, dating back more than 50, years ago. But the results revealed something else – DNA that was very similar to that of the Denisovans, but distinct enough for the researchers to suggest that it could have come from a third, unidentified hominid.

And it could be that our identification of Denisovan DNA is more ambiguous than we think, given that our only source is a finger bone and a couple of teeth.

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Author contributions: F. Physical resemblance between Polynesians and Asian populations was detected, but in between were the islands of Melanesia, inhabited largely by people of different phenotype. However, the Lapita culture bridged this geographical divide 3, y ago. Morphological studies of early Lapita colonists from Teouma, Vanuatu align them with present-day Polynesian and Asian populations, whereas skeletal remains of later generations show a more Melanesian phenotype predominating.

We suggest that migration streams from already-inhabited parts of Melanesia dating from the late-Lapita phase ultimately dominated the original Polynesian phenotype in eastern Melanesia, but not in Polynesia, which became relatively isolated soon after initial settlement.

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Let me first bid all of you a very warm welcome to Singapore. So when I bid you a warm welcome, I mean it quite literally. I am aware that most of you have made a very long journey to reach us. So you have sacrificed for this trip. I am deeply grateful and we are honoured on behalf of all Singaporeans to welcome you here. I believe that your presence underscores the importance of our friendship, and equally, the good prospects for our relations in recent years.

We are all small states in an uncertain world. History has usually not been very kind to small states, meaning our existence, our continued prosperity and our viability are not a benign fact of geography but really a continuous exercise of political will. And therefore I am sure that you will agree with me that we all share common interests and common priorities.

Achieving Sustainable E-Government in Pacific Island States

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Education and society , Faculty of Arts , Climate change. Human forays into the eastern Pacific happened earlier than previously thought, and climate change may have been a factor, according to a recent study. Instead, the authors propose it was an incremental process, possibly extending over multiple generations and coinciding with some of the driest conditions of the last two millennia.

But the timing, character and drivers of these migrations have been poorly understood from a scientific perspective. The new findings make clear that the southern Cook Islands were an important gateway to the region, with human settlement there now shown to be earlier than in the Society, Marquesas and other East Polynesian islands. Led by Professor Sear, the research team analysed lake sediments from the southern Cook Islands for evidence of human arrival and climate change.

Drilling into thick accumulations of mud at the bottom of Lake Te Roto on Aitu Island kms north east of Rarotonga they recovered a 7. For example, biochemical markers faecal sterols uniquely associated with humans and pigs were dated between and CE Common Era or AD.

South Americans may have traveled to Polynesia 800 years ago

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Lateiki was a tiny island in the archipelagic Kingdom of Tonga, formed in by an ebullient submarine volcano. Last month, that underwater firestarter decided it was time for some explosive redecorating. An eruption in the southwest Pacific Ocean was first reported on Oct. The Tonga Geological Service then scanned through satellite imagery and noticed the paroxysm, at Lateiki, began a day earlier. Over the next week or so, various vessels, flights and satellites intermittently saw an ashy plume rising from the island.

By Nov. But this loss of Tongan territory was short-lived. As quickly as Lateiki self-destructed, it was reborn as a new island roughly feet to the west.

Wake Island: Trans-Pacific refueling

Our broader concerns about the rationale behind the AIFFP and the inappropriateness of its mechanisms are outlined in our recently released report, Enter the Dragon. Make no mistake, Australia remains the largest donor to the Pacific in terms of actual money spent. China is not a conventional aid donor. Compared to industrialising regions like Africa and Southeast Asia, which have long served as major destinations for Chinese official development aid ODA and investment, the overall scale of Chinese aid and commercial financing in the Pacific is smaller.

Three additional considerations illustrate why Beijing should not be simply depicted as a pressing geostrategic threat to Australia.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua) in the eastern Pacific is one of the most remote intricately connected. For example recent finding of obsidian in Fiji, dating from perhaps with the UN agency SPREP (Secretariat of the Pacific.

The Chinese port garnered a connectivity score of points, followed by the ports of Singapore The index is set at for the best-connected port in , which was Hong Kong, China. Besides the Asian ports, the other ports on the top 10 list are those of Antwerp 94 points in Belgium and Rotterdam 93 points in the Netherlands. Efficient and well-connected container ports enabled by frequent and direct shipping services are key to minimizing trade costs and fostering sustainable development, Ms.

Sirimanne said. The data further reveals that investments by shipping lines can attract additional services. In Africa, both geography and port reforms emerged as critical factors. Mombasa Kenya and Dar es Salaam Tanzania connect Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda to overseas markets through dedicated corridors, but they remain highly congested. Low connectivity makes merchandize trade costly and uncompetitive. Many small island developing states SIDS face a vicious cycle where low trade volumes discourage investments in better maritime transport connectivity.

The Pacific Islands are among those with the lowest shipping connectivity. For example, Port Vila Vanuatu receives about one container ship every three days, the data shows.

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